Are You Aware of The Latest Challenges in Prior Authorization?

A recent survey has conveyed the message that according to healthcare providers nearly 84% believe that number of services that need prior authorization has increased. Almost 62% do not have the existing technology to understand whether a particular medical or diagnostic test needs prior auth without initiating a PA request.

As per with the volumes of pre authorization, nearly 55% of the vendors and 42% of insurance payers reported that it has increased. Also, it is important to note that only 45% reported that they have the technology to know if prior authorization is needed without initiating a request.

It is quite clear that with most providers, challenges are still not over with prior authorization. Healthcare providers are in constant look out for a viable approach that can eliminate proven pain points in their everyday prior authorization worries. A quality prior authorization services company can be a blessing in disguise for many in the long run.

The Advantage of Sunknowledge

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