Understanding The Challenges in DME Billing and Fixing It

A lot of citizens in the United States depend on some sort of DME devices. The need for respiratory devices has increased over the last one year of this pandemic. Technical advancements surely have accelerated the means to have access to devices for patients. Patients can now purchase CPAP devices and wheelchairs without leaving their homes. However, there are a lot of complications in dealing with DME billing and reimbursements. The following challenges can cripple a DME supplier at any point in time.

Chasing Doctors Office for Documents

The critical aspect of any DME coding and collection ecosystem is correct documentation. You need to work with the physician office, collect all the necessary documents and work with the eligibility checks of the patients and so forth.

Insufficient documentation that is deemed necessary has to be obtained from the provider office. Suppliers often need to cancel their shipment of any supplies due to incomplete documentation. Handling everything right from start to finish requires expert DME billers and coders.

Falling Back with Denials in DME Billing

A lot of payers and Medicare and commercial payers are reducing their reimbursements. Labor shortage and suppliers not able to meet operational expenses are major challenges around. Gaining a competitive advantage is all about streamlining of the cash flow.

In some cases, the non electronic denials do not get posted. There is no visibility with the correct data and the analytics. At the end of the day, what you need is a reliable vendor that knows how to optimize your DME billing mandates.

Issues with Payer Guidelines

Physicians have to ensure that all the requirements with medical necessity are met. Meeting every payer guidelines, knowing upfront if a particular DME service is covered under the plan of a patient is a critical mandate.

DME billing companies that are experienced understands how to streamline order to cash cycles in the best possible manner. Using scalable technology and analytics to drive business ROI has to be handled with consistency and trust.

How Outsourcing of DME Billing can Drive Your Reimbursements

Outsourcing of your DME billing and coding services to a serious vendor like Sunknowledge can be a solution for all your challenges. Quality resources that know how to extend seamless transaction in DME billing will be delivering it all. We have an excellent team in DME billing that can optimize your collections with consistency and trust. At just $7 per hour, we extend both pre and post DME billing support to counter all your staffing and reimbursement challenges.

Partner with our team and come to know why we are hailed as one of the best. We have excellent references from top class DME suppliers in the country. Find out what makes us a force to reckon with.

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