What Inspires a Hassle Free Cardiology Prior Authorization?

It is true that any mandate or insurance directed prior authorization for diagnostic medications and imaging is a huge hurdle to patient access in present cardio vascular practice landscape. To ensure that a particular procedure is medically necessary and is a benefit that is covered, a lot of delays happen.

A recent survey done by AMA clearly opined that 79% physicians believe that treatment abandonment has a big chance with cardiology prior authorization. What you need as a provider is someone that understands payer requirements, delivers according to the adjudication mandates.

However, in the long run, all you need is a genuine expert who knows what it needs to be done with your present practice management efforts. Making sure that all your front end activities are handled by the best at these difficult times can be scary. All you want is someone who can reduce your costs in operations and also help you focus on your cardiology patients.

The Sunknowledge Advantage

Over the last decade and even more, our team has excelled in the world of healthcare revenue cycle management. We know what it takes to deliver comprehensive cardiology prior authorization and that too at the best rates. We guarantee you an instant submission with 100% on the same day itself and we are ready to handle any amount of PA volume. Our team has reduced operational expenses by almost 70% with our stand out assistance.

Partner with us, hire our resources that can accelerate your cardiology prior authorization mandates by working as your genuine extension. We know why we deliver worth and value in our experience. That’s why the best in the business of cardiology praise our efforts. Speak to our team and come to know why we are unique in the world of RCM.

At present, the top ones work with our best agents and at just $7 per hour with 99% accuracy. Partner with our team and come to know what makes us a dedicated partner. We will love to share our ideas with you over a brief discussion.

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