3 Critical Fixes for the American Health Care System

The most complicated and complex system that the health-developers face today has nothing to do with hardware or software, even human behavior is not that complicated. It is the health care system of US that is making the developer’s job more difficult.

There are three critical fixes which US healthcare system needs that are divulged below –

1. Technological advancement:

When we all get accustomed to the technological jargon like advanced optics, 3D printing, advanced optics, incredibly small sensors, predictive analytics, then comes the new era of healthcare where people are technologically more advanced. New technologies are being adopted because of their commercial and clinical viability. All systematic pressures such as authorized hurdles, competing incentives and byzantine remuneration models have prevented the growth of innovation.

2. Patients who are more self-aware:

When self-service is a new form of doing extensive self-dependency that revolves the change from using banks to ATMs to withdraw money, instead of going to the shops people prefer online shopping which is hassle free. Another example is online research when you are suffering from any disease. Instead of going to the doctor immediately, we tend to do our research that what could cause the trouble and what is the easiest solution that we can do ourselves. Most people prefer to self-manage their healthcare because, for them reports which are convincing enough can be useful for those who feel more comfortable managing their condition that can improve the outcomes so that access to healthcare service gets more easy. Providers get the real benefits when they have to deal with such engaged patients who has already done their research. Emergency department can focus on real emergency cases where the patients get good treatment and proper care. Doctors get to treat the patients more effectively rather than acting like an accountant or hospital administrator.

3. More emphasis on mental health:

Though mental health is a different department altogether, it did not take much time to realize that mind and body connection is real and the connection gets interrupted if one or the other is affected. It has been seen recently that there is a lot more effort and more resources going into taking care of those with mental health conditions, with mental health clinics, and the many others spread over America that offer mentally vulnerable people various services to help aid and manage their illnesses. It has been noticed that depression rate gets higher when the patients are suffering from chronic diseases like cancer and heart disease or diabetes. The quality of health outcomes gets reduced significantly when the patient is diagnosed with a chronic disease plus depression. The health cost also goes up considerably. But not only chronic disease, studies have shown majority of primary care visits that the hospitals suffer from psychological issues.

Primary care is considered to be the front runner of health care where the provider for average primary health care will see the variety of mental health conditions (from anxiety and depression to psychiatric disorders) in about a week.

If you ask anyone about the negative emotions they have faced like sadness, anger or anxiety, also, ask them how those feeling physically affected them. In almost all the responses will be about racing heart beat, rising body temperature and pain in a very real manner. This could have a further impact on their health and wellbeing, and without getting specialist guidance from a medical practitioner, or other options, then these negative emotions and physical problems won’t go away, and will always affect you in one way or another.

As a society which has turned global already, we have enough resources to fix many of the factors of health care in present situation. The human body is a highly complicated system, so practice of medicine is an evolving science that needs to get improved according to human body and its need. We can improve the stand of care right away and for that we must act with urgency in bringing new solutions to the market.

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