Reduce Your Expenses Upfront with Streamlined Orthotics Billing

It is true that not only resources are becoming increasingly difficult to bring onboard in 2024, but the cost of employee retention has also grown, and increased expectations of salary are stretching budgets across industries. Increased hourly pay rates, overtimes and other associated costs of hiring are creating a big challenge for Orthotics providers in general. Digital automation is the need of the hour to eliminate tasks requiring human resources such as physical documentation, mailings and so on. Providers who are embracing automation are going to create a strong ecosystem to handle their Orthotics billing without breaking the bank. The biggest challenge at present is to reduce your upfront expenses. But how will you do that?

Finding a reliable solution to all your Orthotics billing services is only possible with a trusted partner. Automating your supply workflow alone is not going to be the solution. You need people that can work on your practice management solutions, manage your inventory details right from start to finish! The question is, how you will achieve that!

The Sunknowledge Intervention

We bring our exclusive pool of Orthotics billers and coders who know what it takes to eliminate all your revenue cycle worries once and for all. At present, the best in the business trust our innate ability to bring down operational costs by adding value to the front-end efforts such as managing order entries, confirmations, checking of eligibilities, authorizations, physician follow ups and so on.

We set the tone in handling all your Orthotics pre-billing work that eliminates any chance of errors at the back-end with denials, collections and payment posting. We currently work with more than 100 Orthotics clients across all product categories. The best part is, we do it all at just $7 per hour.

So focus on your patient loyalty and increase your customer base while we take care of your Orthotics billing mandates for improved reimbursements. Our niche presence and ability to deliver actionable support define our consistency.

Our experts will be glad to give you a complete outline on how we empower your ROI as a true operational extension and a trusted Orthotics billing partner. Moreover, we have a robust team in place that will eliminate all your practice management woes once and for all.

Schedule a discussion and discover the immense possibilities we bring to the table as a genuine partner. Let us drive your ROI while you focus on your patients. Our skilled presence and real-time dedicated assistance make us an Orthotics billing powerhouse. And it is your turn to leverage the excellence that is Sunknowledge.