4 Key Elements To Identify Fine-Tuned Gastroenterology Billing Services

Highly efficient gastroenterology billing services can remove quite a few hurdles on the road to a strong bottom line, especially for small and independent GI practices. And without it, GI practices and hospitals struggle to recover a fair share of the costs incurred in providing essential care to their patients.

Thus, a dedicated team of billing and coding experts, focusing exclusively on GI billing services is vital in ensuring a seamless transition and zero delay in understanding the complexities of this specialized field.

Did you know the revenue leakage due to billing inaccuracies is such a big threat that numerous physicians associated with The World Health Organization have regularly termed such losses as “the last great unreduced healthcare cost”?

Hence, in an effort to outline the key elements of an efficient GI-specific billing service, let’s discuss the 4 most crucial aspects of optimized gastroenterology billing services and operations, based on our industry experience spanning nearly two decades:

  1. AAPC-certified coders in the context of gastroenterology billing and practice management

Employing AAPC-certified coders to handle procedure coding is a practice that every gastroenterology billing and coding service should implement. These professionals scrub claims to ensure compliance with Correct Coding Initiative (CCI) edits, insurance-specific requirements, and bundling conditions.

Sunknowledge Services Inc. has been employing AAPC-certified experts for years now. The result? Clean claims with a remarkable 99% first pass rate, a testament to the company’s commitment to RCM excellence.

  1. Gastroenterology billing services with sound understanding of denials and bundling challenges

Claims follow-up teams that are part of GI billing services at Sunknowledge are well-versed in the common denials and bundling issues specific to GI. This deep understanding facilitates navigation of the complexities of gastroenterology billing services outsourcing with ease.

  1. Gastroenterology billing services armed to combat GI-specific operational challenges

One of Sunknowledge’s key objectives is to empower healthcare providers to focus on what they do best – patient care.

This is reflected in the company’s proficient gastroenterology billing services that are adept in overcoming unique challenges like disputing bundled treatments, billing for colonoscopies in lieu of colorectal cancer screening, the correct usage of modifiers 59, 51, and 26, and much more.

  1. Maximizing Gastroenterology Reimbursements Through Effective billing services

A comprehensive GI billing service must meet every medical coding requirement to maximize reimbursement.

Our medical billing services are designed to tackle the complex, ever-changing landscape of payment rules of government and private health insurance, establishing the foundation for a compliant and financially successful GI practice.

Highlights of Sunknowledge’s Gastroenterology Billing and RCM

Sunknowledge’s billing and gastroenterology revenue cycle management (RCM) services stand out due to the organization’s meticulous attention to each stage of the GI billing process.

We offer:

  • A dedicated GI billing account manager
  • System-based claims scrubbing
  • Comprehensive tracking of underpayments and non-payments
  • Support to navigate the insurance appeals process
  • Regular quality assurance checks
  • Daily, monthly, and weekly reports
  • Full-time access to our software
  • Customized turnaround times as part of service package

The company’s focus on streamlining billing services for a significantly positive impact on practice revenue and overall cash flow, keeping accounts receivable to a minimum by optimizing claims along with a host of other value-added services make it the go-to choice for GI billing services.

For more information on our “30-day free transition” or queries on gastroenterology billing services outsourcing, please contact a billing subject matter expert at Sunknowledge Services Inc.