Sunknowledge Services Inc: Improve Your Cash Flow with State of The art DME Billing Services

As a 100% HIPAA compliant organization, Sunknowledge Services Inc sets the standards with stand alone/ end to end DME billing services. We are the only medical billing and collections company, that sets the stage with great references and are currently working with over 100 clients with admirable distinction. Presently, we are working with the leading names in the DME space. One of the reasons that a lot of DME companies are working with us is our competency in doing a lot of work in the pre billing segment.

DME Billing: Key facts

♦ Secure Information & Data Flow between Sun knowledge and our partners enabled with reliable networking software & hardware (includes secured Virtual Private Networks and FTP sites)
♦ All low pay and no pays reports are sent to the client
♦ Work on re-processing of the denied claims starts immediately after receipt of ERA
♦ ERAs are posted to the respective patients’ accounts
♦ Quality check is conducted at all stages of process
♦ Turn Around Time for this process is 24 – 48 hours

We address the challenges in DME billing with a solution centric action plan. Our team is well versed with all the prominent practice management/ billing systems that are available in the marketplace. Sunknowledge Services Inc will be eliminating challenges in:

Reduced profit margins
Caused by
♦ Claims denial
♦ Delayed submission of claims
♦ Inefficient processes
♦ Low productivity

Reduced strategic directives

Caused by
♦ Operation reports lacking focus on orders received/delivered
♦ Reports on claims submission lacking functional clarity

Our superior team in DME billing will be producing benefits like:
♦ Process optimization
♦ Achieved through:
♦ No backlogs in inventory/open order
♦ Significant reduction in payment realization cycle
♦ Reduction in average cost by 40%
♦ Improved efficiency leading to higher productivity

Improved financials

Achieved through:
♦ Timely claims submission, leading to improved cash flow and payment realization by 10%
♦ Significant reduction in denial rate
♦ Increased revenue by 7%

Our team is ready to brainstorm and provide you a clear picture on how we plan to work as your reliable DME billing destination. Partner with Sunknowledge Services Inc for an improved cash flow.

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