Avoiding Errors for A Streamlined Sleep Study Billing Approach

Polysomnography also known as sleep study is a test to diagnose the disorders in sleeping patterns. It records your brain waves and the level of oxygen in your blood, the heart rate and the breathing during your sleep. Also, it measures the eye and the leg movements.

Hence, it is pretty evident that working with patients with such symptoms is no mean feat. Also, it is pertinent to choose a decisive vendor that can work on your sleep study billing, helping you find the right tuning and assisting you in receiving proper reimbursements on time for your services as a sleep center.

One of the major challenges occurs in the front end and choice of the right alternative that can assist in checking of eligibilities and prior authorization that determines payments in the long run. You must work with someone that can drive your ROI and help you stand the test of time.

The Sunknowledge possibility

Finding it confusing on how to get a sleep test prior authorized? Not finding enough resources to manage your treatment and diagnosis codes to submit claims on time and managing denials, we are right here for you. We have the needed resources with complete versatility, expert competence on how to deliver excellence with our niche presence.

Our team is currently working with some of the largest sleep centers across the country and has the understanding to deliver tailored support with checking of eligibilities, working on prior authorization, submitting claims on time, medical coding, denial management, accounts receivable collections and denial management.

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