How do You Simplify Your DME Billing Process?

Is your staff still putting pen to paper each time a patient enters a new program? If it is so, you must be losing valuable time in processing physical information, correcting the mistakes as well as tracking down any paperwork.

  • But when you digitize your patient intake opportunities, you can open up the communication and prevent unwanted clerical errors.
  • It will help you in consolidating the patient information to simple easy to use documents.
  • The follow ups with payers and physicians get automated with customizable forms.
  • However, to do all of these, you need a serious partner that can optimize your DME billing performance in the best possible manner.

If you are looking for a dedicated vendor that can manage your pre and post DME billing requirements, finding a quality partner is critical. To do that, it is vital to arrange a streamlined roadmap to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your possible RCM partner!

Why Sunknowledge is Your Best bet This Season

The distinct advantage of choosing Sunknowledge as your DME billing partner is an extensive understanding of the best practices of the industry. Our team knows why it is critical to follow the adjudication priorities and also know the recent changes across Medicare Part B mandates.

  • We have excellent case studies to portray how we have reduced operational expenses by almost 80% with our stand out presence. Hire us for unparalleled support in your productivity at these testing times.
  • We understand how to extend quality support in DME billing and that too at just $7 per hour.
  • During the present day inflation times, high labor shortage and supply crunch, we can be your ideal partner that can offer synchronized support in DME billing at next door rates.

Partner with us now at these difficult times to gain a serious competitive advantage. We take care of it all right from start to finish. Our team excels in performing all the needed tasks in with order intake, working on eligibilities, securing prior authorization, physician follow ups, order confirmation, claims submission, DME medical coding, A/R collections follow up and payment posting.

Speak to one of our experts; take a look at our references on how we serve the largest with consistency and trust. At these difficult times, we assure you of uncompromising assistance and support as a complete operational extension. Find out what makes us your ideal DME billing partner at these hours of crisis.

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