Relieve Yourself From The Prior Authorization Worries

In 2021 a survey clearly showed that over 68% of physicians find it challenging to decide which prescription medication needs prior authorization. Also, 58% remain in doubt on which medical service needs prior authorization.

  • Also, a huge number of 87% said that they believe that hurdles in prior authorization put patient care at the back seat. Unnecessary delays create a lot of pressure on the healthcare providers.
  • Both payers and providers that AI driven prior authorization can deliver huge benefits with financial, care benefits as well as eliminate a lot of gaps in practice management. As a provider, implementing sound measures can be a blessing in disguise.

All you need is a genuine vendor that can quicken your collections in the best possible manner. The need of the hour is to work with someone that can drive your ROI, help you resolve your front end challenges and reduce your denials in the long run.

How Sunknowledge Adds Value

If you are looking for a streamlined partner that can drive your payments, look no further than Sunknowledge. We are a next gen RCM services company that knows how to create a holistic ecosystem that can eliminate all your reimbursement challenges once and for all.

  • At present, we are working with more than 500 providers across more than 28 specialties all across the country. Our niche presence, versatility across PM systems defines our credentials as a powerhouse in prior authorization services.
  • We guarantee 100% PA submissions on the same day itself and know how to drive your reimbursements without worrying about care delays.
  • Partner with us and relish a hassle free experience of 100% accurate prior authorization process. Our initiation of PA request, following up with payer office, contacting the insurance companies, validating the auth outcome has exemplary standards.

Moreover, we reduce your operational expenses by almost 80% with our stand out presence. Know from our experts on how we can assist you in handling your prior authorization process right from start to finish.