Sunknowledge Bags RCM Mandate for Major Illinois-based Cardiovascular Practice

Cardiologists play a cardinal role in diagnosing and treating heart problems but managing financial aspect of their practice is not an easy affair. It is complex and time-consuming. According to the Becker’s Hospital Review, almost 80% of all medical bills contain errors. In critical healthcare practices like Cardiology, a single billing error can cost a substantial amount of money. Unfortunately, the majority of cardiology specialists face challenges due to complexity of procedures and diagnoses, frequent code updates and payer policies.

Do you know what the key challenges in optimizing reimbursements are?

  • Understanding complexities of cardiology procedures
  • Staying on the same page with the latest coding guidelines
  • Navigating payer-specific requirements
  • Incomplete prior-authorization
  • Inefficient claim denial management and list goes on…

Despite of having all these challenges, cardiology practices should not only survive but also thrive and it is only possible when practices can have stringent oversight of claims and revenue. This is exactly where Sunknowledge comes as a game-changer. To help cardiology specialists focus on delivering high-quality patient care, Sunknowledge offers specialized cardiology medical billing solution. With more than two decades of experience of delivering high-quality outsourcing services, Sunknowledge has almost 300+ medical service providers and billing companies under the belt.

Recently Sunknowlege has partnered with one of the largest Illinois-based cardiovascular practices that boasts of more than 34 specialties, 207 medical providers and presence over 24 locations. Read the story here.

Sunknowledge enables cardiovascular practices to transform their traditional billing environment into a complete new and revenue-boosting landscape through a trustable and strategic partnership.

With a proficient team of certified professionals who are expert in cardiology billing, Sunknowledge enables medical practices to efficiently maximize revenue, ensure compliance and provide excellent in-patient care.

It’s time to know how our cardiology billing experts can help your practice

Technical expertise: Our certified coders and billers always stay on top of the latest updates in cardiology billing, thus preventing revenue loss due to billing errors.

Specialty billing: Cardiology includes various specialties and our experts are equipped enough to handle complexities of each specialty.

Error prevention: The accuracy is the key to success in healthcare billing. Errors like up-coding and down-coding lead to substantial revenue loss. Our certified experts are experienced enough to meticulously analyze medical records and translate complex procedures and diagnoses in to accurate codes.

Maximized reimbursements: Our expert coders have the ability to identify opportunities for coding that less experienced coders often overlook. This helps practitioners receive the full compensation they deserve for the rendered services.

What makes Sunknowledge stand apart from the competition?

  • More than 300+ medical practices trust us as their on-the-go Revenue Cycle Management partner as we have been thriving in the US healthcare market for more than two decades.
  • One of the best Prior Authorization service providers in the US healthcare domain. 100% Prior Authorization submission on the same day itself with 97% collection within 30 days
  • Service(s) for every unique requirement as there’s no one-size-fits-all model for our clients
  • Reduction of up to 80% of your medical billing cost
  • End-to-end support through dedicated account managers
  • 100+ excellent testimonials from clients
  • No claim adjustments without client’s consent
  • 100% HIPAA compliance
  • End-to-end RCM support at the most competitive price

If you are looking forward to knowing more about our best-in-the-class cardiology billing services, schedule a free consultation with us.