How To Implement a Streamlined Prior Authorization Approach

A lot of physicians reported that programs in prior authorization delayed care access and lead to poor outcomes with patients during the peak of the pandemic. Most of the physicians complained that payers either reinstated policies with prior authorization or never actually relaxed policies actually to begin with.

To support timely care and reduce administrative burdens at the onset of the pandemic some commercial payers relaxed requirements with prior authorization. According to a report of AMA, almost 70% of respondents had either reinstated or never relaxed the policies while 94% reported delays with care and had to wait for prior authorization.

It is true that delayed treatment due to pre authorization can have life and death consequences. Providers need to implement sound checks and balances that can assist them in quickening the practice management process.

At present, it looks quite grim with rising costs in operations, salaries and huge shortage of labor which makes matters worse. It is quite difficult to find the right team that can allow a streamlined pre authorization to take place.

The Sunknowledge Partnership

Presently, we are working with some of the largest providers of the country and have top class references. Our niche presence, capability to deliver actionable support makes us a genuine destination to implement the right measures boosting your process of reauthorization if needed.

We do it all with checking the eligibility of the patient, following up with the physician office, collecting the right documents and updating the prior authorization outcome in the PM or the billing system of the client. We have reduced operational expenses by almost 70% with our extensive presence as a dynamic RCM destination.

Looking to know how we develop the perfect approach for you! Our experts will love to share our stories of success with you and our industry references. We have several case studies that can create the perfect ecosystem for optimizing performance of your revenue cycle management. Hire us for just $7 per hour and relish our specialized approach in handling your prior authorization with consistency and compliance.

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