How To Plan Positive with Orthotics Billing

It is critical to note that supplier of any orthotic item other than OTS orthotic must be in adherence with Appendix C of the quality standards set by DMEPOS mandates. It clearly specifies that suppliers must have specialized training, education as well as experience in fitting and also certification or licensing.

In some cases there are two codes in the HCPCS that can both describe a particular orthotic product which is prefabricated. The one code is for the device is a furnished OTS and a second code when a device is furnished with custom fitting. As a supplier of orthotics items, you must have the right approach in place to amplify your collections in the right manner.

At a time with a lot of difficulty in managing your everyday practice management efforts, outsourcing of orthotics billing appears to be a pertinent solution. However, it is quite difficult to address the front end demands in orthotics and prosthetics billing unless you find experience and expertise in your resources.

The Sunknowledge Extension

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