Reason for Outsourcing Your Orthotics Prior Authorization Services from Sunknowledge

Today with the expansion of the generic population, an increase in chronic diseases such as Osteoarthritis or osteoporosis arthritis, and sclerosis etc are also seen. Which is one of the reasons for the increase in orthotics instruments as some of the people cannot afford the high cost of orthopedic surgery, leading them to relatively low-cost orthopedic appliance as an alternative choice. In fact, orthopedic postoperative recovery has also contributed to the growing demand for the orthotics market as well which with the growing market many healthcare practices are finding it quite challenging to maintaining a seamless billing process especially the orthotics prior authorization process; thus resulting in outsourcing of billing operation as well.

In fact, according to a recent research and analysis, it is shown that healthcare practices collect more of the patient balance payments, reduced denial claims and rates, less writes-off when outsourcing their billing operations and Sunknowledge Services Inc is one such RCM organization that not only ensure seamless billing operation but is also known for closing all the authorization gaps faster and efficiently in no time.

Sunknowledge: A One Stop Destination Easing All Your Billing and Orthotics Prior Authorization

With 3 prior authorization requests in an hour, Sunknowledge Services Inc today is not only known for the highest productivity metrics but also for excellent industry references across the US for its productivity standards. Increasing your collection rate by 97% within the first 30 days itself; we further have a track record of 90% approval of your prior authorization requests so far. With 100% PA submissions on the same day itself and 99.9% accuracy rate in all complete billing process,

Why choose sunknowledge services Inc:

• With more than 10 years of experiences, we further helps in 80% operational cost reduction
• Our service charge is as low as $7/hr, being a cost effective authorization in the market
• Customized reporting according to clients protocol
• No binding contract and seamless transition effort

So if you are looking to improve your billing and orthotics prior authorization process with better ROI management, we are the right destination working for more than 12 years now.

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