Eliminate Loopholes in Your Radiology Billing

Radiology billing requires detailed reporting, complete information on procedures which are critical to avoid denials and receive payments. Providing all the relevant documents with the level of service, putting the updated procedure codes set the benchmark for easing the process of reimbursement. Clearly, the radiology practices will have to make sure that everything is in order both in the front as well as the back end. Ultimately, you need experienced resources that knows what it takes to deliver the right support.

Outsourcing of your radiology billing can be a blessing in disguise! With a team that can offer support, it makes the job of a dermatologist a lot easier. Rather than worrying about documentation and how to get paid on time, priority can be given to patient care. Also, it gives access to a superior pool of resources who knows how to get all the documents in place, checking the patient’s eligibility, getting the authorization approved on times to filing the claims, following up on your denials and getting the money collected handsomely!

What Makes Sunknowledge Different?

A niche presence among, working with both payers and providers, our experience as a medical billing company is unique. We have worked with word class radiology practices and know what it takes to getting your authorizations on time to working on your pending accounts for payments. Special mention can be made of one of our case studies in Botox and how we worked for such a quasi-medical product , getting the authorization, updating the same and scheduling the treatment on time.

At present, Sunknowledge is a complete healthcare revenue cycle management destination, working as a reliable operational arm. Our success lies in reducing your operational costs by 70% , increasing your rate of approvals of prior authorization.

Also, our team extends superior standards of communication with account management. With a free transition on offer, Sunknowledge knows how to get your money back on time with a streamlined radiology billing action plan! Talk to our team, speak to our references and experience a cash flow like never before!