Introduce The Latest Practices to Manage DME Billing Guidelines

Are you facing staff shortage challenges to manage your DME billing mandates? If it is so, you are not alone. Presently the overhead costs associated with in house Durable Medical Equipment billing are skyrocketing. Hiring, supervision and training are the ones which are obvious.

  • You cannot forget bonuses, benefits, billing system and IT support expenses during the current labor shortage scenarios.
  • For instance, a four staff billing team will be enjoying three to four weeks of vacation. Nearly five to ten sick or personal days will be as offs for your employees.
  • It means that almost for an entire year as a provider you will be short staffed for 25 to 40% of workdays.

All of these are serious challenges alongside changing medical billing guidelines of 2022. You need a lot of foresight and finally a staff with the right DME billing training. Outsourcing dme billing appears to be a major area that you can undertake at these times of difficulty.

Why is Sunknowledge Exceptional in DME Billing

We are versatile across all major dme billing software, eliminate any process loopholes with our specialized intervention. At just $7 per hour, we make it possible for you to manage everything right from start to finish.

  • Moreover, our team will not leave your short staffed and you don’t have to worry about bonuses, extra wages.
  • All of these will be our responsibility and we will allow you to focus on your patients a lot better.
  • Our team reduces operational costs by almost 80% with our extensive support that meets all pre and post DME billing demands.
  • So what is holding you back? Speak to our team now and get to know why we are hailed as one of the best in the business. At just $7 per hour, we make it possible for you to realize a healthier financial setup for your DMEPOS business.

Know why we are trusted by the largest DME providers. Find out more on how we cater our expertise in DME billing with consistency and compliance.