Kevin O’Leary – Sunknowledge A Unique Medical Billing and Telemedicine Company

With the record of low unemployment right now, the US healthcare providers are not only having issues with finding experienced billers and coders but also with wages are on the rise making the situation really challenging.

The concerning factor that healthcare providers are facing today is despite of investing huge amount of money and countless hours in their training and development, healthcare practices are finding it extremely difficulties in keeping their processes staffs. This is why today more and more healthcare providers are opting for outsourcing option.

Why so?

Offering a unique solution helping healthcare practices to eliminate the unnecessary worry about the staffing issues, their training cost, and employment’s perks etc; outsourcing ensures seamless operational transparency.

Moreover, today there is outsourcing organization like Sunknowledge Services Inc that not only ensures 80% operational cost reduction but also customized billing solution fulfilling all the providers billing requirements.

Helping providers with complex data entry, eligibility verification, cash posting, denial management, accounts receivable, and even doctor office follow-up when it needs that help; Sunknowledge helps in freeing up your time so that you can focus more on your core mission of patient care. With no cost dedicated account manager helping you with all the medical billing and telemedicine platform, Sunknowledge experts ensures a 99.9% accuracy rate. Helping you with highest collection rate with telemedicine platform benefits, Sunknowledge Services Inc is definitely an ideal medical billing and telemedicine solution.

Offering a customized medical billing and telemedicine solution with remote patient monitoring facility, Sunknowledge Services Inc today is a one stop destination for most of the healthcare practices across the US.

In fact, Kevin O’Leary AKA Mr. Wonderful the famous businessman, author, politician, and television personality stated, Sunknowledge Services Inc with unique business opportunities that has the perfect state of the art telemedicine platform featuring a cutting edge remote patient monitoring services with fully automated revenue cycle management is a unique opportunity.

For more information on our benefits and how we can help your practices with better revenue generation and seamless operational activities, get in touch with our expert over a ‘no commitment call’.

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