Considering Strategic Professional Intervention in Radiology Billing

Imaging billing consists of two definitive components: technical and professional. The technical component comes into play when radiologists use imaging equipment and supplies to perform the tests. The professional component comes into play when the imaging professional interprets written reports and examines radiographic images.

Imaging billing is the process of submitting claims and getting payments from payers for the services given by radiologists. Radiology includes different sorts of imaging processes, for example, MRI, CT scan, PET, Angiography, Mammography, MRA, Ultrasound, Fluoroscopy, and Interventional radiology.

Radiology billing services is a perplexing procedure of medical coding. Without appropriate mastery of radiology billing, navigating through it can be a challenge for new radiology practitioners. Numerous radiologists face hardships in dealing with billing and coding work. Just hiring in-house radiology billers doesn’t solve billing issues; it expands functional, framework, and programming establishment costs.

Imaging billing Steps

Radiology prior authorization

To guarantee a smooth imaging procedure, it’s essential to get pre-auth from the patient’s insurance agency beforehand. The insurance company will audit or review the medical record to evaluate the need for the radiology procedure.

When the radiology prior authorization is obtained, imaging professionals can continue with carrying out the process. It is significant for them to keep up with the nitty gritty of medical records, including the patient’s clinical history and data about their health check-ups.

Claim(s) Submission

Radiology billing staffs need to check the medical document and provide detailed information about the imaging procedure performed, before submitting a claim to the patient’s insurance company. Payers, use this data to verify whether this or these procedures were necessary.

It is important to submit claims promptly because some insurance companies have their claim filing deadlines, if missed, nullify coverage.

Payment from ‘Payers’

As soon as the payer receives a radiology claim, they will review and determine the total amount owed by the radiology service provider. If the patient’s health insurance plan does not cover the total amount for the radiology procedure, then radiology billers need to send an invoice copy to the patient for paying the remaining payment.

Partner with a Professional Radiology Billing Company

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