Secrets To Know for Improving Your HME Billing

Improper rate of payment is HME is quite high. Just to take care example, Power mobility devices have a projected improper payment amounting to nearly $4 million! The rate of improper payments will be around 47%. A major chunk of the gaps was in documents and errors in establishing medical necessity.

Front office challenges are a big challenge for the Home Medical Equipment Industry. Finding someone that can improve your reimbursements, working as a reliable operational arm can be quite a difficult search for a HME provider.

What is Medical review documentation
All services that are not advanced authorized i.e. certification number obtained will be subject to medical review. the process will be expedited if the files include:
♦ Physician’s plan of treatment that includes the anticipated time with the need of the equipment
♦ Predicted outcomes with the therapeutic benefit
♦ Involvement of the physician with the use of the prescribed item
♦ Detailed information on the clinical and functional status of the member
♦ Coverage begins on the day the device is delivered, set up and ready to be used

Finding a team of expertise for your HME billing

As mentioned above, there are a lot of effort needed to make your HME billing more transparent. Finding someone handling all your practice management needs will be a huge advantage. With experience of working with numerous clients, a quality HME billing company knows what it takes to transform your ROI in the best possible manner.

Any HME item may be rented if it does not fall under “ Routinely Purchased DME” ( costing more than $200) or “ Inexpensive DME” with the anticipated need medically for a limited time frame! This are minute details that have to be in finger tips of your billing team. Finding someone understanding how to handle all your HME billing demands will be a great move as a provider.

Drive Your Cash Flow
The biggest difference will be more money rolling in than ever before. As you find someone who takes care of both your front and back end HME billing requirements, you can now focus on your patient care better.

A qualified team of medical billers with expertise across all major software in use knows how to optimize your practice management standards. They have the ability to maintain highest standards of productivity with almost 99% accuracy and that too with great standards of compliance.

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