What To Expect in DME Billing in The First 2022 Quarter

CMS has published fee schedule adjustments of +5% or more for any DMEPOS items for the year 2022. Adjustments will be differing based on whether the serviced items are under CBP or in the former CBA’s. The break up below is as follows CBP items in the non CBA’s: +5.4%, +5.1% in non CBA’s.

With suppliers welcoming these increases, the DME community still will need additional rate adjustments to account the shipping surcharges, product price hikes and the new operational mandates. At present, healthcare providers and also DME suppliers are under a lot of stress to find the right resources.

Supply constraints, labor shortage are huge challenges that are creating a lot of issues for DMEPOS suppliers at large. What you need is a dedicated vendor allowing you to make quick decisions with DME billing reimbursement issues and take care of your patients.

How To Choose The Right Outsourcing Partner

Looking for a serious partner that can optimize your revenue cycle performance, checking their credentials will be extremely critical. At present, reducing your operational expenses is a huge area of concern for many. If you want a genuine partner that can elevate your practice management effort checking their industry references will be critical.

Also, having a decisive approach in assessing their HIPAA compliance and practices with patient confidentiality has to assessed. Also, it becomes pertinent to plunge deep and find the errors you are making with your front and back end DME billing efforts.

What Makes Sunknowledge Unique?

Our biggest advantage is versatility and competence across multiple practice management systems. We know what it takes to deliver actionable support at next door rates. At just $7 per hour, we define your reimbursement issues like no other. We have reduced operational expenses for some of the largest DME suppliers and have great references.

If you need a genuine partner that can bring sanity in your front and back end DME billing, partner with us. At these testing times, we can offer comprehensive support that creates a perfect ecosystem for improved collections to fall in place.

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