Sunknowledge Services Inc: DME Payment Posting/ Billing Activities for Better Cash Flow

A next gen DME billing destination, Sunknowledge Services Inc delivers cutting edge services that generate revenue in the best possible manner. We understand that with each day pending accounts receivable will lead to rising denials.

We also extend a lot of activities in pre billing, eligibility checks, authorization, order confirmation that helps in laying down the right checks and balances. As a 100% HIPAA compliant DME billing company, we reduce the time in your billing process by maximizing the cash flow possibilities, by working as your dedicated operational extension.

Successful posting of payments with patient accounts helps in analyzing the revenue cycle a lot easier. Patients make use of different payment channels, which could be a card payment or online cash transfer. However, the chances of payment channel failures cannot be ignored. Identifying the lines of denials and resolving the reason can prevent future claims from getting rejected for the same reason. Sunknowledge Services Inc believes in providing complete support in your practice management/ revenue cycle management priorities.

Our action plan in DME Payment Posting- An eight step process

  • Create batch/ deposit
  • Link insurances from the received checks
  • Select the patient account
  • Select the encounter
  • Post the payment
  • Manage denial according to denial type
  • Manage recoupment
  • Transfer balance to patient account to generate statement

Addressing pain points in DME payment posting: Challenge areas and solutions

  • Challenge: Patient not found in system
    Solution: It may happen due to system migration, need to check in the other system
  • Challenge: Invoice is closed
    Solution: Need to post payment as over payment so that refund can be initiated in future
  • Challenge: Incomplete/Missing EOB
    Solution: Download EOB from online portal if access is enabled
  • Challenge: Patient balance not available
    Solution: Post payment from old to new Date of Service
  • Challenge: Patient paid excess
    Solution: Post excess amount against latest DOS as over payment to be applied later

The biggest value that we add by working as your ultimate DME billing partner will be eliminating proven challenge areas, providing task specific activities in eligibility verification, authorization, denial management and accounts receivable recovery. Also, our salient advantages will be:

  • An immediate reduction of operational costs by 70%
  • Increase collections by 97%
  •  Over 100’s of clients with excellent references
  • Our team offers the best and cheapest price in the industry

Let our team share with you, how we make a difference in your revenue with our specialized intervention. Sunknowledge Services Inc is ready to work as your perfect RCM partner in DME payment posting.

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