How Different is DME Billing From The Others

It is true that processes in DME billing is quite different from the other billing and coding procedures in use. It needs an in-depth understanding of the HCPCS level 2 codes. All DME items and services are classified under the HCPCS level 2.

The nature of reimbursement in DME billing is also an extremely complex process as many items are rented than getting purchased. The requirements for purchase and renting are completely different with new updates in regulations from the CMS.

A team of DME billers and coders need to be well versed on how to code the claims for receiving the reimbursements on time. It essentially means that the codes should be able to specify whether the equipment was rented or have been purchased.

Each day of the rental period should be listed separately for receiving the specific reimbursements from the insurance. All these requires a precise understanding on how to collect the right documents, derive on the right procedural codes and make your claims clean for getting your money back on time as a DME provider.

Hence, it becomes all the more important for you to make the right choice with your team of DME billers experienced in handling your daily mandates of practice management.

How to Get My Money Back

Not getting paid for your services rendered can happen not only from unnecessary utilization but also from insufficient documentation as well as incorrect coding, duplicate payments, and also for non-covered services or items.

Scheduling the delivery prior to the authorization process can be a huge deterrent for not receiving payments and your rising denials in DME billing! Ensuring timely filing of your claims, following up on your high-value accounts, working on your denials can be quite a task.

Hiring a team of DME billing experts will help you in reducing your operational costs, drive your ROI with a competent team working at all times for you as your reliable operational extension.
How do I achieve transparency?

The best foot forward is to find a full-service DME billing partner that can handle all your pre and post requirements with trust & excellence. IT helps you focus on your core responsibilities a lot easier, eliminates proven flaws and helps you in improving your financial vitality as a DME provider. Ultimately, the process makes your system watertight and evolves your abilities to expand and grow in the best possible manner.

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