Is There any Difference Between DME and HME Billing

There is a little confusion among many experts to find out the minute difference if there is any between HME and DME billing. Some have concluded that DME is one dimensional and can be referred only for the items. For them, HME can be multidimensional and is referred to things that are ben used in home for therapeutic purposes, and something that can withstand repeated use.

But as far as DME or HME billing is concerned, there is hardly any difference. Ultimately, any equipment, appropriate to be used at home for certain medical conditions is termed as a Durable medical Equipment. Suppliers for both HME and DME services have to meet the eligibility or the credentialing requirements as set by respective insurance companies.

DME Covers a Larger Service Bandwidth/ HME is Specific to Homecare Items

There is hardly any difference instead the fact, that a lot of items may fall under the durable medical equipment but for Home care there will be specifics. Surely, for any item there will be subtle changes with specifications of medical necessity.

However, on a cumulative level, the process of DME or HME billing have the same workflow. As a supplier, to enhance your reimbursements, you must have the right provisions in place with your DME or HME billing.

All the requirements and guidelines with purchasing, renting, prescription that validates it are all the same in both aspects of billing. The front end processes of checking the eligibility, the authorization, sales order creation are clearly the areas that needs most attention!

Only if you ensure that the standards with pre DME billing are clean, submissions and collections follow quickly. It ultimately boils down to having a staff team that can handle all details of your patient demographics in the right context. Having a clear understanding of how everyday practice management efforts can be improved with your HME billing is the way forward!

Using the right modifiers alongside the appropriate HCPCS code, getting all the documents from the referring physician or therapist, working on your everyday denials, collecting your A/R’s on time are all specialized areas that needs immediate attention.

What should you do to improve your reimbursements?

A quality team that handles all your DME or HME billing requirements, offers a plan which is decisive will help you improve your reimbursements from the insurance a lot better. It helps you in eliminating the gaps, reducing your costs in operations and driving your flow of cash in the best possible manner.

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