Why Document Review is So Critical in HME Billing

There are multiple challenges especially managing the front office work for HME providers. There are constant changes in regulations and staying in compliance can be quite a task for any supplier. As a provider, it can be hectic for you to have the right provisions in place, mitigating challenges with documentation errors that challenges medical necessity establishment and is the cornerstone of major reimbursement challenges for many suppliers.

How to Choose a Near Perfect team for your HME Billing

One of the biggest strategic approaches for you as a provider will be to find ways to improve your revenue cycle management efforts with the help of a specialized team. A staff which is well knowledgeable, understands what is necessary to reduce strain in practice management will be a huge advantage!

Working out on the documentation errors, checking the eligibilities on time, getting the prior authorization approved, creating the sales order, entering patient details, collecting all information from the doctor’s office and doing everything till the scheduling of the delivery, well that can add to your revenue stream greatly.

Also, they should be able to drive all the normal HME billing activities with denial management, A/R follow up’s, payment posting. One of the biggest ways to improve collections is with compliance especially with CPAP items! Patient counselling calls, helping them to adhere to Medicare guidelines, increasing the rate of compliance from 40% to 80% can have a direct impact on the flow of your cash.

A quality team handling all your worries in HME billing, will have experience in working with major practice management systems. They should have a clear idea on how to reduce your DSO’s, operational costs by offering their customized support. Moreover, they have unmatched standards of productivity, and work as a reliable operational extension for the best across the industry with top class credentials.

Are they reliable?

The prominent names in the business of HME billing offers great competency. They deliver all the support with collection of relevant documents, dealing with PHI and that too with 100% HIPAA compliance. They start working as an extension of your existing processes, eliminate proven challenge areas that is making you lose money.

At the end, if you are looking to add pains, reduce challenges with documentation management for gaining on your HME billing. Finding a quality billing partner will be adding the right value and help you gain a competitive edge.

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