The Secret of Generating Consistent DME Billing Collections

High patient volume is a major area of concern for any DME provider. You might want patients coming in, but the most difficult part is to ensure that before your patients leave your facility, you have secured all information that you need for generating consistent DME billing collections.

  • Presently, reducing operational expenses is a major concern for many DME suppliers. What you need is someone who can drive your reimbursements, reduce your overall operational expenses and improve your ROI in the best proportions by aligning with the latest Medicare DME billing guidelines.
  • At the end of the day, what you want is a quality team of DME billers and coders that can transform your ROI possibilities once and for all. It is going to make your job all the more easier with a reliable partner helping you with all your DME billing demands.

However, finding a top class vendor can be a tough challenge for many. Also, it is pertinent to find someone who knows all about it, backed by sufficient DME billing training. It only makes your job a lot easier and helps you stand the test of time in the best manner.

Advantages of Working with Sunknowledge

Over almost the last two decades, our team has understood what it takes to amplify your ROI in the best way, and have been delivering accordingly. We are a top-class DME billing services company, and can drive your collections by eliminating the gaps both at the front end and the back end.

  • We do it all right from collecting of patient information, working on eligibilities and authorization, contacting the physician office, order entry, submitting the claims, working on denials, collecting the accounts receivable and posting the payment on the EHR.
  • At just $7 per hour, we make sure that we reduce your operational expenses by almost 80%. Get to know what makes us a powerhouse in the world of DME billing services.
  • Looking to know more on how we set the benchmark? Our experts will be glad to give you a clear idea on how we work on a free consultation. Speak to our team and come to know what makes us the best in the business. Our team will be more than happy to give you an idea on how we redefine your DME billing mandates with our specialized intervention.

Find out what makes us a forerunner in the world of DME billing. Our team will love to give you a complete preview on what sets us apart. Hire us and ensure that you have more time for your patients while we do the rest for you in DME billing.