Sunknowledge: Sets the Foundation for Improved Cash Flow as A DME Billing Company

Ensuring a 97% collection in accounts receivable with free EMR software, offering task specific activities in eligibility verification, authorization, denial management and accounts receivable recovery, Sunknowledge Services Inc is a one stop destination for all your DME billing needs. We believe in working as a perfect operational extension and extend complete practice management/ revenue cycle management support.

We have a turnaround time of less than 48 hours and offer low service fees at no hidden costs. With real time audits and custom reporting best practices, we are the best when it comes to offering you excellent account management and communication assistance at all levels. We set up DME companies in the billing system, receive the orders, and generate claims. Also, we offer payment posting services as well as a robust follow up process with patients and payers.

Our facts from a case study: How we eliminate DME Billing Challenges

Sunknowledge recently helped a leading DME Provider in New York improve their complex billing process and achieve long-term bottom-line growth. Here’s how we added value to the client’s existing processes:

INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY AND REDUCED OPEN ORDERS: Removed redundant process steps to focus on the critical ones; Created tools / cheat sheets and introduced various process checks to improve productivity

PROCESS STABILITY: Achieved consistent and better productivity; and higher accuracy through the application of an improvement methodology

REDUCED DENIAL RATES: Drastically reduced incorrect coding and combination in bills and developed a thorough understanding of qualifying diagnosis and payer guidelines

QUALITY AND EFFICIENCY IMPROVEMENT: Developed clear understanding of peculiarities of DME billing as compared to physician billing; initiated an internal audit mechanism to identify and rectify errors; enforced corrective and preventive action scheme

Our value Proposition in DME Billing

  • As a complete DME billing destination, we guarantee:
  • Increased revenue – reduced collection Time (up to 97% collection rate)
  • Claim submission within 48 hours of receipt of billing input
  • Adherence to CMS billing requirements
  • Proper records maintenance and visibility through reporting
  • Standardization of billing operations

We are eager to share our best practices, references across the industry with you. Sunknowledge Services Inc delivers cutting edge support in DME billing that eliminates pain points and improves your cash flow in the best possible manner.

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