California’s Health Insurance Extension to Undocumented Immigrants and Advantages of Medical Billing Outsourcing

In a historic move, California has started on a journey to extend healthcare access to undocumented immigrants. It is a decision with a promise to all residents and one that should genuinely improve healthcare accessibility.

  • It signifies a genuine step towards inclusivity and also highlights the importance on how Urgent Care centers, DME and other healthcare RCM services companies will strategically define their business goals. Urgent Care centers will be a centripetal force in the wake of this groundbreaking initiative as a lot of patients are expected to flood such facilities.
  • Planning early with anticipated medical billing challenges and how patient documentation will be worked on, are going to determine payments. Providing immediate medical attention to the new beneficiaries under Medi-Cal, and the role of Urgent Care centers in delivering quality and timely care is going to be critical.

The above scenario necessitates working with a competent and capable partner who understands such rising trends and can lend quality assistance in efficiently managing the increased burden on administrative affairs, including billing and coding. Outsourcing of medical billing to a dedicated vendor will be something that will be on the minds of any DMEPOS or Urgent Care service provider.

Sunknowledge: Elevating Urgent Care Billing Efficiency

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A Trendsetter in the World of DME Billing

Sunknowledge is equally competent to work on any DME front and back-end billing demands. We drive your ROI and can drive your growth by working on a wide range of tasks including inventory management, checking of eligibilities, order entry, prior authorization that paves the way for improved claims submission, better denial management and consequently improved accounts receivable collections. As a DME provider, you can confidently meet the increased consumer demand and improve your bottom line possibilities once and for all.

To conclude, California’s historic initiative to extend healthcare access to undocumented immigrants can be managed boldly with Sunknowledge as your ideal healthcare RCM guide. Strategic outsourcing of billing and other administrative and practice management tasks holds the key to preparing for the increased influx of patients in the coming days. And when it comes to that, Sunknowledge is your best bet. With our ability to quickly scale up operations, fast TAT, and our instant staffing provisions, Sunknowledge is committed to keep healthcare in the Golden State shining as bright as ever.