Exclusive Support in Ambulance Billing Services: The Sunknowledge Assurance

If you are looking for task specific support in accounts receivable services and recovery, leverage the Sunknowledge opportunity right now! As a powerful healthcare service company, we are unique as we serve both payer and provider side of the business.Ambulance Billing Services

As a complete medical billing & collections company, we are currently working with leading hospitals, Nursing homes and emergency rooms and specialize in accounts receivable services at just $7/hr.

Powerful AR plan for Your Ambulance Billing

We are a reliable operational arm and offer actionable support for your ambulance billing needs. Our team has been extremely successful in collecting accounts receivable as old as three years, addresses the areas that can be missed out with un- timely submission/ follow up on claims by

♦ Regular follow ups on the claims in a span of 30 days
♦ Excellent reporting / data management best practices
♦ Continuous approach in trying to gather the claims processing information specific to payers

Our AR follow up mechanism involves
♦ Priority handling of the high dollar value claims
♦ The oldest DOS is the first to be addressed

Sunknowledge Services Inc specializes in a continuous approach to gather claims processing information specific to payers to determine the further status on the claims. We believe in a knowledge sharing approach with our follow ups, based on specific payer-provider contract; reduce the outstanding AR balances with a streamlined AR follow up action plan.

We bring to the table:
♦ Highly experienced staff handling your accounts receivable bucket
♦ Over 10 years of experience in claims adjudication for major insurance plans
♦ We reduce you’re A/R bucket by 30% within the first month itself
♦ Customized reporting/ account management support at no additional cost
♦ Over 10 years of experience in claims adjudication for major insurance plans
♦Unique expertise in working with difficult to recover A/R

Let us give you a complete tour on how we offer you the answer for a better revenue cycle management experience! Schedule a no commitment call with our experts to know how we offer great consistency and guarantee you complete support for your ambulance billing.

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