Next-gen Health Insurance Coverage Determination feat. Rapid Automation

The continuing proliferation of healthcare services in the US has made the need for speed, as well as accuracy, a critical requirement in the medical billing sphere. With every passing day, more caregivers are found to be attending to a rapidly increasing number of patients, making it essential for healthcare and medical practices to speed up their administrative affairs, especially those directly related to generating revenue, to maintain a steady cash-flow and keep functioning at the optimal level.

We understand this, and have therefore augmented our medical billing & collection services with powerful tools and applications that not only help you cut cost, time and mistakes in handling health insurance claims, but also fetch you more revenue with less effort.

We are changing the face of medical billing with Rapid Automation, a brilliant technological advancement that instantly puts every medical practice light-years ahead of the rest. The most powerful application of this game-changing technology can be seen in our coverage determination tool, a proprietary application developed by us, which allows us to view and analyze the insurance policy coverage for a patient in a matter of seconds.

No more tedious phone calls to insurance companies to find out if a policy is still in force or has lapsed, or if a particular service is covered; no more errors in eligibility verification, authorization or benefit checks; and no more impediments in creating that perfect, clean claim. What’s more, the tool is 100% HIPAA compliant, and supports bulk inquiries to be made simultaneously about multiple patients and different policies.

The biggest advantage of using our automated coverage determination tool is the significant reduction of time involved in the process and increased accuracy. While the tool is not meant to replace the need for human intervention, it does reduce the extent of their involvement, especially in the area of performing tedious clerical tasks. The result is an enormous improvement in overall efficiency!

Empower your practice management and revenue cycle management today with Sunknowledge’s cutting-edge workflow automation applications, powered by the latest cloud-based, fully secure Rapid Automation Technology.

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