Customized Primary Care Billing Services for Family and Internal Medicine

Primary care involves the widest scope of healthcare services that includes patients of all ages and all socioeconomic groups. The physicians extend care for chronic, mental, physical and social issues. A primary care practitioner comes with a wide breath of knowledge across multiple areas.

➡ Right from administrating vaccines, reporting any E/M services, extending smoking cessation education or treating cold, you need to there for everything. Hence, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage primary care billing all by yourself especially at these trying times.

➡ There are multiple challenges and problem areas with correct use of modifiers, educating the practice on how to maintain cutting edge processes and procedures in primary care billing. A quality partner that understands all your challenges in primary care billing will be a blessing in disguise for you at these testing times.

➡ As a primary care physician, if you are tired of paper works, working with your team to use the right codes and modifiers, you are not alone. Exploring the right options and choosing someone that can extend quality assistance in your primary care billing can be a game changer.

However, choosing the right team that can manage everything from start to finish will be critical. A top class primary care billing partner can help in eliminating proven gaps in your revenue cycle and add true value in the long run. Working on your primary care billing only becomes easier with a dedicated vendor working on it while you focus on your patients a lot better.

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Transform your Revenue Cycle with our legendary support at just $7/hr.* (all inclusive) guaranteed locked-in rate till 2026!

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The benefit of working with Sunknowledge

Primary Care Billing Over the last decade or more, we have been a trusted resource for leading primary care centers across the country. We believe in working as a desired operational extension, work on your front end worries like none other. Also, our team knows how to reduce all your practice management worries by extending customized solutions at next door rates.

We have excellent references, top class success stories on how we have reduced operational expenses by almost 80% with our consolidated presence. In fact, currently we are working with more than 500 clients only in the primary care and family medicine space.

Partner with us if you want a complete revamp of your reimbursements like none other. Our team offers customized support that defines growth for the best in the business. We are a next gen destination that works on your primary care billing efforts with a quality eye on everything.

Our service encompasses:

  • New Patient Entry
  • Eligibility and Benefits Verification
  • Prior Authorization
  • Medical Coding
  • Claims Submission
  • Payment Posting
  • Accounts Receivables Follow-up
  • Denial Management
  • Customer Service

Looking for more information about our primary care billing services? Our team is just a call away from you. Get to know why we are special to some of the leading primary care centers across the country. We have top class references from the best in the business. Hire us for a better patient focus and improved collections like never before.

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