Gastroenterology Virtual Office Assistance with Contact Center Services

Gastroenterology Virtual Office Assistance services are in high demand nowadays. The main reason for its increasing popularity is a financial one. Rising staffing costs have been making it difficult for independent Gastroenterology practices to maintain in-house admin teams for non-clinical functions. As a result, a number of physicians are spending an average of 2-3 hours every day to complete these tasks themselves.

Under these circumstances, outsourcing non-clinical and back-office processes to a competent and knowledgeable Gastroenterology Virtual Office Assistance provider to manage a practice’s administrative workload, has emerged as a cost-efficient alternative.

Employing a virtual workforce comes with many benefits. Healthcare virtual assistants enable a GI practice to:

  • Free up more time to attend to patients by reducing the administrative and practice management burden on core medical personnel
  • Reduce overhead costs by at least 50% by eliminating the necessity for additional office space, equipment, etc.
  • Improve operational efficiency by having dedicated and fully trained virtual assistants working as a seamless extension to your practice management
  • Boost productivity by 2x through uninterrupted and dependable remote support around the clock, ensuring no calls go unattended or no patient remains unattended

Other Benefits of Virtual Assistance for Healthcare Practices

One of the chief benefits of using the Virtual Assistance model for a health care business is the savings it brings in operational expenses. Did you know…

  • A 2020 JAMA study reported, “Healthcare virtual assistants can potentially save up to $22,000 per physician every year”?
  • A study published in Telemedicine and e-Health, in 2021, reported “delegating non-clinical duties to a VMA can save an average of $15,000 per physician every year.”

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Why Gastroenterologists Need Specialized Virtual Office Assistant Companies?

Due to the high volume of patients that Gastroenterologists see on an average, there’s usually a huge list of admin tasks that need to be completed accurately and timely on a daily basis. Inaccuracies or delays in completing these tasks can result in claim denials, extension of reimbursement cycles, and an increase in waiting time for patients.

A less-than-efficient office assistance environment invariably reveals its cracks including missed appointments, faulty schedules, extended hours – resulting in patient dissatisfaction and ultimately, loss of revenue.

Although putting together a dedicated in-house team can resolve many of the problems described above, maintaining it may be a costly proposition. With rising minimum wages and a general scarcity of skilled assistants, not to mention investing in extra office space, equipment and software, healthcare practices are always considering more economical, yet effective, alternatives.

To get around these challenges, physicians including Gastroenterologists have been leveraging Virtual Medical Assistant (VMA) as well as Virtual Office Assistant (VA) services to bring down cost, improve efficiency of their practice and ensure better patient satisfaction.

Gastroenterology Virtual Office Assistance services provide a cost-effective means of:

  • Reducing physician burnout
  • Reducing office overhead
  • Relieving non-clinical administrative burdens
  • Efficiently handling routine non-clinical tasks, such as:
  • Front-desk services
  • Helpdesk services
  • Appointment scheduling & rescheduling
  • Patient follow-ups
  • Documentation
  • Patient screening
  • Insurance verification
  • EHR/EMR updates
  • Pre-authorization requests
  • Insurer follow-ups
  • Transcription
  • Telehealth support
  • Remote patient monitoring, and more
We have been very pleased with SunKnowledge team performance on assisting with the RCM department. We want to continue to shift more of the clerical tasks to this team. Keep up the great work team.

Sunknowledge: The Definitive Address for Virtual Physician Assistance

Our seasoned team of VA professionals, with years of experience in supporting active Gastroenterological practices, ensures seamless support to keep your practice running without impediments, reducing staffing and associated cost by up to 80%, and saving time for physicians to see more patients.

Our specialized Virtual Office Assistance services for Gastroenterology practices take care of:

  • Patient coordination and communication
  • Document completion
  • EMR updates
  • Front-end, middle and back-end administrative responsibilities
  • Email communication requirements
  • Tracking requests
  • Prescription refills
  • Quality assurance
  • Patient support services
  • Post-care services
  • Referrals
  • Custom practice needs, and more

Features of Sunknowledge’s Gastroenterology Virtual Office Assistant Services:

  • HIPAA-compliance trained Virtual Medical Assistants
  • HIPAA-compliant remote working environment
  • Accurate and neutral US accent with communication skill
  • Swift on-boarding
  • Extensive training in physician support services
  • Real-time patient and clinic staff communication
  • Adaptability to new tasks based on practice requirements
  • Powered by Amazon Web Services
  • Hosted phone system with secure communication channels
  • No additional office setup requirements
  • No-cost transition
  • Stringent quality checks and audits
  • Flexible, non-binding contracts

We are adept at fully supporting various kinds of GI practices, including:

  • Adult Gastroenterology
  • Pediatric Gastroenterology
  • Interventional Gastroenterology, and others

So, are you ready to empower your Gastroenterology practice to reach its full potential while reclaiming time for yourself and your patients? Transform your practice by outsourcing your Gastroenterology Virtual Office Assistant Services to Sunknowledge today.

Our Virtual Support services for Gastroenterology practices are trusted by GI specialists and clinics across the nation. They are tailored to streamline your practice’s non-clinical operations, increase efficiency & accuracy, reduce cost, and save time.

Join the hundreds of gastroenterologists who have taken their practice to the next level with support from our reliable and experienced Virtual Physician Assistant Services. To know more, book a no-obligation consultation today. Get started now.

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