How RCM Companies are Optimizing Radiology Coding Service

September 14,2016

The advent of ICD-10 practice has imposed new challenges for the health practices especially radiology service providers. To improve on the bottom-line, it is important for the practice to be competent about the complexities involving state, federal as well as requirements of the payers regarding the claims adjudication process. Diagnosis codes have completely taken a new route today with ICD-CM as well as ICD-10 PCS involving procedures that need careful adherence by the billing offices of the respective payers.

To address the changing dynamics, a lot of RCM companies today are providing best in class services in radiology billing that are helping the providers gain business dividends. End to end solutions with the perfect use of technology as well as excellent revenue management procedure helps the providers gain consistency in their reimbursements. However, to address the claims submission as well as the denial management metrics, the business partner must have an innate understanding of the radiology segment.

Right from the charge capture to reconciliation as well as submission of claims to accounts receivables and payables, the right partner will implement a sound strategy with their specialized skill-set and dedicated resources that have a comprehensive understanding of the payer processes. They also use their expert intervention with excellent coding standards that are ICD-10 compliant. Another important attribute is the self-evaluation measures undertaken by the vendors that evolve coders about the know-how of the industry.

The certified coders not only help the radiology service providers with their expertise, they also use their years of industry experience to evolve the existing coding process in place. Six sigma standards also benefit the providers greatly as they achieve quality adherence with feasible results in radiology coding services. At the end, it can safely be concluded that the uniqueness of radiology billing is best addressed by a disciplined RCM company that has sound credentials in place as well as excellent references.


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