How to improve Surgical Medical Coding

Managing medical coding for improved compliance and consistent reimbursement is indeed the key to a provider’s success. Review of the documentation, making a preliminary code selection, reviewing the guidelines for the selection of the same, addition of any modifiers, and eliminating extras is a big challenge area of surgical medical coding.

Some of the specialties that have remained a pain area in Surgical Medical Coding:
♦ Unbundled Procedures
♦ Not coding the multiple correct procedures
♦ Missing the charges with various procedures
♦ Not reviewing the document including the procedure details & the coding from the operative headers
♦ Medical procedure and its necessity not supported
♦ Incorrect modifier usage
♦ No documentation for the imaging guidance performed
♦ Incorrect reporting of units

The Sunknowledge Approach in Surgical Medical Coding

A proven healthcare RCM destination, Sunknowledge Services Inc has the perfect answer for all your surgical medical coding needs. Our company offers you dedicated account management, superior reporting support, which is unparalleled in the competitive landscape. The best part, our team delivers proficiency across all major practice management systems with great trust and credibility.

We assign the ICD-10 codes for the diagnosis identified by the physician and Procedure codes
♦ (CPT/ ICD 10 PCS)
♦ Assign the applicable modifiers
♦ Quality assurance & review of codes
♦ Contacting physician office for additional medical documentation & clarification

Hire our expertise in surgical medical coding as we
♦ Deliver error-free charge sheets within agreed client TAT
♦ To avoid denials and improve reimbursements, we monitor, analyze & improve coding documentation
♦ Carefully determine the codes according to the clinical information shared by the provider
♦ Updated team of medical coders with proper training
♦ ICD-10 certified coders (CPC)
♦ 99.99% accuracy in medical coding
♦ 100% HIPAA compliance

Looking to know more about how we approach your medical coding needs? Our experts will be happy to give you a complete idea of what advantages we bring to the table!

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