Actionable Support in Surgical Medical Coding at 1.49% of all Collections

It is true that surgical medical coding can be a challenging affair. It needs skill and understanding of technology, appropriate coding process needs to be followed on what procedures a surgeon performed based on the documentation.Surgical Medical Coding

In a way, it is like a puzzle together making sure that all the pieces is been put in the right context. Even for a seasoned coder, surgical medical coding can be difficult especially if there is more than one specialty to code. Coding errors can be detrimental, resulting in loss of revenue as well as potential issues of compliance.

Common errors with surgical medical coding range can be not reviewing the document correctly as well as billing incorrect number of units. Some of the common errors with surgical medical coding are:

♦ Procedures that are unbundled
♦ Not coding appropriate multiple procedures
♦ Missing charges with multiple procedures that are performed
♦ Not reviewing the entire document including the procedure details and coding from the operative headers
♦ Necessity of the Medical procedure not supported
♦ Incorrect usage of the modifier
♦ No documentation for the imaging guidance performed
♦ Incorrect reporting of units

Partner with us for Streamlined Surgical Medical Coding Support

If you are looking for a reliable partner that can help you make a genuine difference with your surgical medical coding needs, Sunknowledge has the answer! We are currently working with some of the leading names in the provider as well as the payer space.

♣ Our coders deliver error-free charge sheets within agreed TAT provided by the client
♣ We monitor, analyze and improve coding documentation to avoid denials and guarantee reimbursements
♣ We carefully determine the codes according to the clinical information provided by the Healthcare Provider/Professionals and report back accordingly
♣ Our coders have undergone extensive medical coding training and are well aware of updated coding guidelines
♣ All our coders are ICD-10 certified (CPC)
99.99% medical coding accuracy
100% HIPAA compliance

With rates placed at 1.49% of all Collections, Sunknowledge Services Inc. offers you a complete RCM experience!

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