Drive Your Cash Flow with Superior Orthotics & Prosthetics Billing

A major chunk of Orthotics & Prosthetics providers understands what it takes to get reimbursement from the insurance companies. Rising rates of unemployment, lack of skilled billers is creating confusion all around. However, the demand for DMEPOS items are high and as a provider you must have the right provisions in place with Orthotics & Prosthetics billing.

The rates of improper payments all almost touching $4 million for power mobility devices and a huge number happens due to lack of documents that fail to provide medical necessity.

For a lot of suppliers in the Orthotics and prosthetics space, outsourcing is evolving as a convenient option, helping in reducing operational costs and making sure that everything is in place with front office work that paves the way for complete post billing efforts.

A huge number of orthotics billing services providers are looking to grab the opportunity and as a provider, you must be careful in choosing the right alternative for a full action plan. Driving your cash flow with a superior team of Orthotics & prosthetics billing can be a blessing in disguise helping you reduce your operational costs simultaneously while improving your revenue stream. A team of experience can add real value to your orthotics billing!

Sunknowledge as A One Stop Billing Destination

As a reliable partner, Sunknowledge has great references across the healthcare space and experience of working with the largest names in the DME business as well as Orthotics. We have great experience in working with multiple practice management systems like Brightree, Bonafide, Fastrack, Team DME, DME works, Cortex EDI and others. We offer dedicated account managers/ team leaders with 20% internal audit done without any additional charges.

We have no binding contracts and with the highest productivity metrics extend task specific support in eligibility verification, prior authorization, denial management and accounts receivable collections as well as payment posting. We understand your Orthotics billing better than anyone else , extend unparalleled assistance that eliminates any chances of gaps in practice management. Let our team deliver you a complete action plan that can quicken your flow of cash like no other.

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