How To Develop A Powerful Plan in Urgent Care Billing

It is true that the front desk positions are the lowest paid position in an urgent care clinic. Yet, it is the most critical position of importance. The first stage is the place where most of mistakes are made which ranges from collecting important and accurate information from the patient.

  • If something is getting missed at the front end, everything gets wrong when it is the time for billing.
  • To reduce your denials, rejections and the unpaid AR you have to build a workflow that helps in reducing the exceptions.
  • On top of that the coding and documentation mandates have changed for the first time in the last two decades.
  • Submitting the accurate claims by checking of eligibilities and entering the right patient demographics closes the gaps on getting paid.

However, there are still copays and the other fees which remain as patient responsibility. Finding a quality urgent care billing company resolves most of your challenges instantly.

How Does Sunknowledge Add Value

Looking to know more on how we set the benchmark in urgent care billing, partner with us. Our team loves to share our credentials, expertise and how we deliver both pre and post urgent care billing services to the best in the business.

  • With over 100’s of clients all across the urgent care space, we make it possible for you to enhance your collections in the best possible manner.
  • If you want a serious partner that can transform your cash flow, partner with us now.
  • We have unmatched skills and great resources who are ready to work for you as your dedicated extension at just $7 per hour.
  • Come to know why we are hailed as one of the best in the business of urgent care billing.

We excel in performing task specific responsibilities in eligibility checks , patient demographic entries, claims submission, denial management and accounts receivable collections. Hire us for a hassle free urgent care billing like never before. If you want to work

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