How To Optimize Medical Coding to Better ROI

Medical coding and billing is the process by which a patient encounter is translated into languages used for claims submissions as well as reimbursements. While billing and coding are done separately yet simultaneously, both are pivotal for receiving reimbursement for the services rendered.

Medical coding is essentially the process of extracting the information which is billable from the medical record as well as the clinical documentation. Medical billing on the other hand, uses those codes to create bills for patients and claims for insurance. The golden rule in medical coding says that “Do not bill or code for it if it is not documented in the medical record”.

Once a provider discharges a patient, a professional coder analyzes the documentations clinically and analyze to connect services based on procedure, diagnosis, professional or/and facility code. There are several kinds of codes that includes ICD-10 diagnosis codes, CPT as well as HCPCS codes.

Hence, it is imperative that as a provider you make the best efforts to resolve all your challenges in medical coding services with a quality expert. It makes your billing process transparent and accelerates your reimbursement process in the best possible manner.

The Sunknowledge Advantage in Medical Coding

One of the distinct advantages that Sunknowledge brings to the table is an extensive experience of working the payers. We know what makes or breaks claims as we are masters in understanding adjudication priorities. Our team delivers competitive support with a dynamic pool of medical coders that transform your claims. We have excellent references and CPC certified medical coders that will deliver you error free chart sheets as per TAT.

At present, we are offering end to end medical coding services at $7 per hour on a stand alone basis. Also, you can avail our billing services to take charge of your revenue cycle management process in the best possible manner. So what are you waiting for? Schedule a call and know how we are catering superior medical coding services with great trust and credibility to the largest in the industry with pride.

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