Medical Billing Services – Don’t Let Your Process Impact Your Patients

A poor medical billing process affects your practice – It’s not a rocket science to realize it. However, have you thought how much a faulty medical billing environment can affect the patients? Unforced medical billing errors; both human and electronic ones can jeopardize a patient’s line of treatment. A patient covered under a health plan opts for a medical service in your practice. Imagine the trauma the patient would go through if the insurance denies his claim and the patient ends paying it from pockets. If the patient finds out the denial had resulted from your incorrect billing, in most probability he/she will not return to your facility. This is how you lose your goodwill.

The Federal Government’s decision to withdraw the Affordable Care Act (ACA) subsidy has made it tougher for the patients. Millions of Mid to lower income Americans are at risk of losing their health plan coverage. This has affected the medical and healthcare market and overall medical billing services. With the withdrawal of the Obamacare, patients now have to buy their medical services. Hospitals and providers will in turn bear the brunt of more untreated or interrupted cases and risk further loss of revenue.

Most of the healthcare providers have their in-house staffs doing the medical billing part. Already bogged down with patient care responsibilities and other work, these people are prone to unforced errors. This spikes the issue of incorrect billing to the likes of:

♦ Coding issues
♦ Unbundling
♦ Balance billing
♦ Duplicate billing
♦ Use of wrong diagnosis code
♦ Incorrect patient and diagnosis information

In such a backdrop, only an experienced and capable professional medical billing service like Sunknowledge can normalize the billing process for you. What Sunknowledge gifts you a holistic solution focusing on the pain areas. Our end-to-end Revenue Cycle Management gives the stability to your medical billing process. Armed with the latest electronic health record platforms and expert billers and coders, we shoulder all the medical billing responsibilities, guide the in-house staff, and do all these in astonishing low fees: Check out the Sunknowledge advantages:

♦ 80% Reduction in Billing Costs
♦ Dedicated account manager
♦ Low fee standalone services at $7 per hour
♦ 99% accuracy
♦ Increased revenue collection up to 97%
♦ Unsurpassed speed
♦ No binding contracts
♦ 100s of clients with excellent references
♦ 100% HIPAA Compliance
♦ Fully supported by Hiscox Insurance
♦ 100% client retention
♦ Daily/Weekly/Monthly customized reports
♦ Clients’ legal issues handled by Nixon Peabody
♦ Free telemedicine platform

Sunknowledge Services Inc. has 100’s of testimonials that provides the signature to the fact that we have been excelling for the last 10 years in the medical billing field. It’s time you partner with Sunknowledge and get back the trust of the patients to place your practice in the position it should belong.

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