Stride Ahead by Choosing Kolkata as Your Exclusive Virtual Assistant Hub

India and the Philippines are indeed at the top of the minds of leading healthcare providers looking for tangible outsourcing and off-shoring solutions. Both countries have been in high demand as far as the last decade goes with business process outsourcing and off-shoring options.

  • The need of the hour for many healthcare providers, especially those in the United States, is to look for expert resources that are time-tested and have a keen understanding of the latest automation and artificial intelligence best practices.
  • The job of a Virtual Assistant in a healthcare practice is multi-task oriented. Both India and the Philippines believe in extending affordable solutions in this area.
  • Virtual Assistance in healthcare, as a technology-driven service model, is particularly beneficial as it puts everything in one place for a smoother patient experience.
  • Improving doctor and patient engagement experience is a top-notch concern for any healthcare provider. A team of expert Virtual Office Assistants helps in ensuring the same.

So, how do you plan? Will you find job-ready, skilled, quality resources that can work as the extension of your operations? Here are some tips to help you plan strategically.

India Surges Ahead with Less Labor Shrinkage and Low Turnover

However, it is no surprise that India is presently ahead neck and crop of the Philippines with lower wages and a substantially larger talent pool. Take the example of an accountant in India earning a salary of $350 per month compared to $790 in the Philippines. Thus, it will be a friendlier option for you as far as budgets are concerned.

  • With more people turning to work every day, India consistently boasts of being a country with very low shrinkage.
  • With an almost 78% Labor Force Participation Rate, India can work in any time zone with a more abundant worker population than the Philippines.
  • Labor laws are very lenient in the Philippines which often prove detrimental to workforce stability. For example, the custom of serving a notice period before leaving a job is practically non-existent in the Philippines. On average in Philippines, nearly 63% leave their jobs without serving any formal or prior notice. Such high turnover rates make businesses suffer from a lot of issues like fluctuations in productivity, difficulties in scalability, and drops in consistency, especially in an area like Virtual Office Assistance.
  • Day-to-day productivity is far higher in India than in the Philippines. With already a massive labor force, India helps you as an employer to easily and affordably maintain buffer resources for any unseen emergency.

There are several other factors like a larger talent pool, a greater English-speaking workforce with a neutral accent, a better comprehension of US English, and a higher socio-political stability that make India a lucrative option for many.

Kolkata: City Offering Enormous Potential

Kolkata was the second most important city after London during the British Raj. The people of this city had first-hand exposure to Western Science, Philosophy and Literature long before any other city in India.

English as a language has been learned, spoken and practiced for well over two centuries among the dwellers of Kolkata. The unique intermix of a versatile, energetic and educated workforce available at lower wages makes Kolkata your go-to destination for healthcare Virtual Office Assistant outsourcing.

Finding a huge pool of experienced, self-motivated, skilled workforce who can sustain their performance levels for a longer period will make you fall in love with Kolkata. The city also has state-of-the-art infrastructure facilities and extensive connectivity that are well worthy of praise. Moreover, accommodation and hostel rents are far less compared to other metro cities of India, making Kolkata an ideal choice for an ambitious IT/ITES talent pool.

The job of a Healthcare Virtual Assistant includes patient scheduling, making appointments, working with a doctor’s office, collecting patient information, and many more. All of the above KRAs require knowledge of working at computers, a command over US English and excellent communication skills. Kolkata is the perfect destination to find such ready-to-hire resources at a very reasonable cost.

Sunknowledge: The Brightest Star on Eastern India’s Outsourcing Horizon

Besides its beliefs and principles as a leading RCM organization, Sunknowledge enjoys some unique advantages by dint of its location. Sunknowledge is an American company, headquartered in downtown New York. Its main operational center, however, is located in the throbbing metropolis of Kolkata.

This allows access to all the natural advantages of the city as already described, along with an abundance of college graduates ready to be employed and an active support by the local government wherein incentives such as tax breaks and subsidies are offered to businesses to set up BPO operations.

All this makes Kolkata the preferred destination for steady business growth and stability. And with a steadily growing clientele and year-by-year corporate growth, Sunknowledge has emerged as a true leader in the offshore outsourcing scenario for US healthcare processes not just in Kolkata, but in the greater Eastern India as well.