How Sunknowledge Services can Improve Your DME Billing in Crisis Circumstance

Today the top priority for 2021 is recovering the lost revenue and getting back to normal for all the healthcare practices that had suffered a revenue loss last year due to the crisis situation. However, with the increasing healthcare cost and rising wages of billers and coders have further made matter complicated for healthcare practices. This is why we Sunknowledge Services Inc is here.

Sunknowledge Services Inc: An Absolute Solution for DME Billing

Aiming to lower administrative costs and burden for providers, Sunknowledge Services Inc is a decade old RCM company helping many leading names in the industry with streamlined RCM operation and faster ROI. Transforming your flow of cash with our dedicated support, we today have a track record of 80% operational cost reduction for all our clients.

Currently, we are the operational partner to the top 3 of the leading DME companies of the country with annual revenue of $1.6 billion.

Following a stringent checks and balances with seamless and effective communication across departments and payers as well as ensure that crucial information which is properly captured in each step of the process along with direct doctor office follow up, our experts further works on reducing days in accounts receivable.

Submitting a cleaner and timely DME billing claims by our experts which is more than just pushing a button, we further ensure robust customized reporting assuring a complete transparency in the DME billing process.

With our effective communication and understanding of all new billing regulations and present industry mandates, our pool of experts today is further known for the highest productivity metrics and the highest collection rate in the billing market. Maintaining a steady check and ensuring a 99.9% accuracy rate, we further streamlining denials management procedures moreover reduces your chances of errors in the complete billing and coding process.

So, if you are the healthcare providers who continue to struggle for a perfect RCM, we are the ideal one stop destination helping you with increased performance among limited resources along with a faster reimbursement rate.

Sunknwoeldge Services Inc is an RCM destination providing an efficient and effective workflow for better billing operation at only $7 per hour or 2% of the collection.

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