Eliminate Gaps in Your Orthotics Billing

One of the major challenges that lie ahead for any healthcare provider at present is to find a viable solution which will boos up your reimbursements. The biggest worry that lies ahead for any DMEPOS supplier is to look for competent billers that know in and out of the adjudication mandates.

Trained resources that can elevate your practice management experience are worth a search. However, with the alarming labor shortage all around is quite frustrating. A quality partner that understands how to accelerate your reimbursements as a complete operational extension is what you are looking for.

A comprehensive plan in your revenue cycle management efforts is all that you need. If you find a competent vendor that can offer you such streamlined support, it can actually help you stand a great chance to gain a competitive advantage.

Sunknowledge delivers unmatched support

Looking for a perfect partner, leverage the opportunity that we bring as a next gen revenue cycle management destination. Our team knows how to optimize your orthotics billing performance with a superior team of orthotics billers and coders that can take your reimbursements to the next stage.

Over the years, we have worked with some of the largest names in Orthotics space; eliminated challenges which have helped them improve their DSO and payments together! What separates us from any medical billing company is pour expertise and ability to deliver powerful support at next door rates.

As a Orthotics billing powerhouse, our team knows how to deliver task specific support in eligibility verification, prior authorization, order entry, confirmation, claims submission, denial management, accounts receivable collections, payment posting. At just $7 per hour or 2% of collections, our team drives cash flow with state of the art pre and post Orthotics billing services.

Let us give you a complete preview on what makes us a champion orthotics billing services company. We are a one stop destination that actually takes pride in having the highest productivity standards in the entire RCM world. Hire us if you are looking to gain a competitive advantage in these trying times with a tried and tested healthcare RCM services company.

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