Why Should You Look for an Orthotics Billing Outsourcing Partner

Leverage The Sunknowledge Advantage for A Better Orthotics Billing Process

Providing excellent pre billing services in the orthotics billing process starting from the front office management including proper data entry, eligibility verification, prior authorization, doctor’s office follow-up to order confirmation Sunknowledge experts talking care of your complete orthotics billing activities help in seamless billing transactions as well as faster reimbursements.

Ensuring adherence to the timely and correct posting of payment, our experts assist in reducing the overall operational cost by 75% by eliminating employee overhead cost and software installation fee etc. Providing no-cost dedicated account manager aiding you out with correct codes for your individual products for the orthotics billing process and insurance carriers, we help you get the approval you need to receive your payment faster. In fact, understanding the healthcare providers and payer’s priorities needs, we work for seamless orthotics billing process reducing the chances of errors.

Our complete Orthotics Billing Process involves:

Post billing services:
• Order entry (patients, providers, insurance, items, etc)
• Eligibility verification (online/calling)
• Prior authorization with patients calling and doctor’s office follow up for relevant documentation that needed for the process
• Re- authorization
• order Confirmation
• Scheduling of delivery

Post billing services:
• Claims management
• Rejection management
• Payment posting auto (with and without audit as well as manual)
• Account receivable follow-up
• Account receivable and denial management

Offering more than a decade pre and post billing services, Sunknowledge experts today is known for 99.9% accuracy rate, prompt reimbursements, customized reporting, reduction in denial and rejection rate as well as for highest collection rate.

Making your orthotics billing process easy and eliminating unnecessary billers and coders, we are here to help the clients focus on a more vital area like patient care management.

Eliminating all the drawbacks in your orthotics billing services related to complex authorization process, claims management, delayed submission of claims and low productivity, partnering with us help you with:

• 100s of excellent industry references
• No binding contract
• Orthotics billing services in a package or ala carte basis at a service charge of $7 per hour or 1.49%.

Being the only organization that can meet and beat any price in the given market, today, Sunknowledge Services Inc is the solution to all your orthotics billing problems.

For more information about how our expert can change your billing operation with effective cash flow, get in touch with the Sunknowledge expert.

Whether to outsource your medical billing or not has and will always be a tricky question for most healthcare providers. However, when a healthcare practice seems to be underperforming KPIs include bad debt, credit balance AR, delayed reimbursements it’s mostly the time that a healthcare practice should be outsourcing their billing process.

Reducing the cost to collect, reduction in your denial rate, and offering the highest collection rate and in fact is the initial benefit that outsourcing your orthotics billing can encounter. Moreover, outsourcing your operational extension has the other benefits too.

Starting from taking care of data entry, the outsourcing operational extension coordinates, and documents the right information that is needed for a seamless billing transaction. Translating the services into the right codes for billing, verification and claims management purposes, there is an operation extension that assures stringent check with 99.9% accuracy rate. As an error that occurs in front-end processes like wrong registration, demographic error or even incomplete documentation often leads to rejection of claims which eventually end up in losing a lot of time and money.

Being a complicated business, outsourcing organizations also excel in keeping track of every billing and reimbursement guidelines for each unique payer; which is quite a complicated task for many in-house billers. However, with outsourcing organization experts and their skills, it not only makes the process easy but also lesser errors and denial claims.

Helping healthcare practices in saving a lot of time and a huge amount of money that is generally spent when they opt for in-house billing, outsourcing organization helps them focus on the patient’s care while improving the bottom line.

In fact, healthcare practices on outsourcing their orthotics billing from an operational extension no longer had to worry about the employee training cost, updating themselves regularly on the billing regulation or even learning about software for a seamless billing process; saving them from a lot of issues and money as a whole.

Besides, today there are RCM organizations that helping healthcare practices with efficient revenue generation while offering other benefits like robust reporting according to the client protocol, no cost dedicated account manager for any billing problems and assistance, and even a no binding contract.

Balancing the new payment model, the RCM organization not only works on improving healthcare practices financial aspects but also on performing a seamless billing transaction and faster reimbursement.

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