How To Ensure Success in DME Billing

Confronting Challenges in DME Billing

DME billing is an area of medical billing that is fraught with many unique challenges. One of these is establishing the medical necessity of a prescribed device or supply, something that can be achieved only through a meticulous approach to the entire billing affair. DME billing claims getting returned by insurance companies is not rare. In most cases, this happens due to small slips on the biller’s part, such as in attaching a requisite supporting document or using the wrong code to describe the items being billed.

One might ask, why denials are so common in the DME/HME billing scenario. The answer can be traced to clerical errors, something that is perpetrated by excessive work pressure on the billing personnel. It often happens that the regular back-office staff at the billing desk gets overburdened with too many claims to generate in a single day, leading to increased stress and a proclivity to make errors. This results in the generation of imperfect claims which, needless to say, get summarily turned down by the insurance parties. Add to that gaps in knowledge about submitting claims, or a disorganized approach to work, and things can easily go from bad to worse.

Building a Successful DME Billing Practice

When the regular, in-house staff fails to meet the stringent expectations of DME billing, it makes perfect sense to seek help from other quarters. In other words, it’s all about outsourcing key HME billing tasks to dedicated, professional experts. Such outsourcing can prove to especially beneficial if providers are able to choose an offshore partner. The savings in billing cost can be extremely encouraging in such a case.

Offshore billing service providers offer turnkey solutions where every aspect of the billing process is taken care of in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. It is worth remembering that outsourcing key billing tasks to professional and dedicated billers/coders is a great way to reduce errors in the DME billing process. It is also one of the most cost-effective ways to build a truly efficient billing process and introduce some really smart savings into your existing medical billing process.