What To Expect in DME Billing in 2024

It is true that the changing guidelines with Medicare Part B are creating a lot of hassles for providers. You need to find a viable partner that can help you. Someone that can offer you support as a next gen DME billing and outsourcing company.

At present, reducing operational expenses remains one of the biggest challenges for any DME provider. Staff shortage, supply constraints remains a pertinent pain area for a lot of suppliers at present. You need a reliable delivery partner that can offer you competent support to you at these pandemic times.

A lot depends on how you plan to find someone that can extend superior support at next door rates. A diligent DME billing and coding company that knows how to handle everything right from start to finish. But the question is, do you know how to choose your ultimate DME billing Services Company.

Reasons to Believe in Sunknowledge

One of the major reasons why we are exceptional is our niche expertise, ability to work as a reliable operational arm. Our team has reduced operational expenses by almost 80% by offering specialized support.

We currently work with more than 100 clients all across the DME space and have excellent references. Our expertise rests from the fact that we serve the largest DME providers of the country with great credibility and trust.

Looking for a streamlined partner that can extend superior support, partner with us! At present, our team is working with some of the best in the business. We are different as we work at both the front and the back end of the DME business. We have a high 95% approval rate for our Prior Authorization activities which can increase your collections up to 97% within first 30 days of billing!

This will result in reducing your Account Receivable & Denials substantially. Our success comes from offering dedicated resources at just $7/hr. The primary responsibilities of the person include authorization initiation, following up and getting authorization approved on the same day itself!

We have the highest productivity of requesting 3 Prior Authorization per hour with an accuracy of over 95%! We can provide you with excellent references from 100’s of our clients to understand about our expertise.