Reduce Your Administrative Burden with Sunknowledge Handling Your HME Billing Operation

In this competitive era with the ever increasing cost, the best way to improve margins of the healthcare industry that has been suffered from constant pricing pressure is by eliminating all the unnecessary administrative burdens. As it is seen that healthcare practices tend to end up with too many people in their administrative process like billers and coders only involving in the paper processing, billing and collection instead of helping patients which is their core work. Furthermore, it is also one of the reasons today, why healthcare practices are ending up losing a lot of the amount only in the billing and collection process.

In fact, today rather than throwing more people at a particular billing and collection imagining for better billing management, healthcare practices should embrace and expand their HME billing to outsourcing. Since today, eliminating all the extra spending and ensuring a seamless billing process, outsourcing is the ultimate cost-effective solution.

Sunknowledge: The Ultimate HME Billing Outsourcing Partner:

Providing medical billing cost-effective solution at $7 per/hour to many leading DME, HME, CPAP, infusion, ambulance, orthotics and prosthetics and many more clients for more than 15 years; Sunknowledge Services Inc today is categorized as one of the top medical billing RCM organization across the U.S.

Setting a benchmark with correct and complete data entry to resolving complicated eligibility verification and authorization faster and efficiently, Sunknowledge does it all. In fact, proper claims management including timely claims submission, recheck of claims before submission etc as well as account receivable management, payment posting etc; everything falls under Sunknowledge responsibility.

Delivering all the heavy lifting work so that you can experience cash flow in the long run, our team of expert billers and certified coders are equally proficient in different billing software including, DME works, Brightree, CPR+, Fastrack and many more.

In fact today with our excellent solution we are the operational extension serving 3 of the top 10 largest DME / HME in the country, with total revenue coverage of over 1.6 Billion dollars per year. Helping all our clients with a reduced operational cost up to 80%, we have a track record of the highest collection rate of the market as well.

Reducing all your administrative burden, Sunknowledge services experts are not best known for providing the solution and seamless HME billing operation that you have always wanted but also a cost effective billing destination helping you focus more n patient care.

For more information, get in touch with our experts or you can also leverage our no binding contract and 30 days of free trials to see how our experts can improve your whole billing and collection process.

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