End All Your Ambulance Billing Problems in 2021 with Sunknowledge Approach

Being one of the complex processes, medical billing can be confusing for billers at times as the ambulance operations are quite fundamentally different from those that occur within the hospital’s walls. In fact, the common problem that ambulance billing undergo frequently is not mastering the art of specific nuances of ambulance service reimbursement. Moreover, with the continuous changing of the regulations and codes in the billing further not only adds up overhead and capital expenditures for a service that already had thin operating margins but also lead to multiple errors and claims rejection with delay in reimbursement.

This is why it becomes very vital to find the perfect ambulance medical billing team of experienced billers and coders who not only ensure a seamless billing process but also help you with faster reimbursement rate.

Sunknowldge Services Inc The Perfect Ambulance Billing Solution is Just a step away:

Catering to all the pre and post ambulance billing services, Sunknowledge Services expert offering dedicated support further helps in 80% operational cost reduction maintaining a 99.9% accuracy rate in all the billing and coding processes.
In fact, our experts offer comprehensive support in all the following areas ensuring:

  • Proper attention is given to every size or source
  • Reduction in your accounts receivable bucket by 30% in the first month itself
  • Free internal auditors assigned
  • Free Setup of accounts and transition.
  • Instant increase of collections by 90% to 30% within the first month
  • 100% authorization submission on the same day, while further increasing your authorization rate by 1.5-2x.
  • Free IT infrastructure setup (Phone-lines, VPN set-up, FTP server etc.)

Offering a complete versatility across all practice management plans, our team has the perfect answer for all your ambulance billing worries along with dedicated account managers/team leaders any time for your assistance. With a no binding contract, customized reporting support and liability insurance of 3 million dollar coverage with up to $1 million coverage per incident our medical billing service and collection process is definitely worth a try.

So, call us for a seamless ambulance billing solution and let our team give you a complete preview of how we make a genuine difference in your pending ambulance billing A/R’s by working as a desired operational extension and how working with us can help you with better medical billing management process.

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