How Does Urgent Care Coding Make Your Claims Transparent?

Most of the insurance reimbursement for urgent care coding will be on a flat rate combining other services and procedures which are performed on the same day itself. Urgent care services are coded on the level of services extended by the physicians to patients during any office visit (CPT99201-99215).

There are few carriers that will be reimbursing the urgent care centers based on the service level and are categorized as three levels. For an idea, urgent care coders have to adhere on the three levels of services which are Level1/Triage Care (Minor Problems), Level2/Intermediate Care (Moderate), Level 3/ Complex care (severe).

It is important to note that any post-operative services aren’t billed to the insurance and not even to the patients unless the person is encountered for a different reason. Reducing operational costs is a critical mandate for a lot of urgent care centers at present.

If you want to reduce your backlog, finding a quality vendor that can streamline all your activities will be a top priority. Hence, outsourcing of urgent care coding services can be a suitable solution for many.

The Sunknowledge Assurance

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