Urgent Care Billing – How Sunknowledge Handles The Complexities

Urgent care centers are often considered not important enough as there is a general conception that these centers handle only minor cases. Although it’s true that urgent care centers do not treat more critical or life- or limb-threatening cases like the emergency rooms, an urgent care facility has utmost importance as these treat illness or injuries that need immediate treatment. Sometimes, the basic treatment provided in the urgent care centers can prevent serious criticality. However, even if the cases handled by urgent care centers look minor, urgent care billing is a major concern for the facility managers.

Urgent Care Billing Traits and Our Tackling Techniques

Urgent care billing involves three levels mainly depending on the condition of the patient seeking the service. The bill is directly proportional to the severity of the illness or the type of condition of the patient. The reimbursement is done on the basis of coding into your billing information properly.

The problems arise when the individual doctors charge the practice in different ways. In such cases, keeping the doctor billing information become a headache. As the whole of healthcare industry is under the umbrella of the patient-provider-payer cycle, patients availing services through their health insurance plan becomes real difficult for the care centers. With limited employees and even limited knowledge of insurance and billing, the in-house staff suffers a lot in handling these cases. Moreover, as the minimum salary has increased to several folds, it is not advisable to employ people, especially specialists who charge you a bomb! What you need now is us, Sunknowledge!

Our professional practice management services are specially aligned with urgent care centers and we can be the perfect solution for your complex problems and your pain called urgent care billing. Our revenue cycle management solution provides you a holistic billing support helping you to maximize your income potential. Our extremely competitive price, in fact, it is one of the lowest in the industry and helps you save more.

Anticipating the need for client security, we provide you the protection from the risks and any errors of omission and commission by insurance coverage from Hiscox.

With Sunknowledge Services Inc., you are getting the following advantages:

♦ 100% HIPAA compliance operations
♦ Low services charges starting from $7
♦ Experience to serve more than 100 clients
♦ Instant reduction in billing costs by 80%
♦ Standalone services
♦ Accurate checks and balances with maximum overall accuracy
♦ Dedicated managers with experience and expertise
♦ Rapid reduction in operational costs
♦ More than 1000s of excellent referrals
♦ No hidden cost
♦ Free Telemedicine platform opportunity

You will pay less for to get more with us and you will take home a fantastic experience. We build relation while building your practice stronger.

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