Upgrade Your Urgent Care Billing To Better Collections

Presently, the average hiring cost per person in the US is $4425 and it is taking almost 36 to 45 days to fill up a position! It is important to keep in mind that on an average a new resource takes almost 12 weeks to become productive in the right business sense.

  • Finding new resources that are right fit for your business can be immensely beneficial. It can shorten the time frame to get something up and running.
  • The great resignation has changed for urgent care centers. Understanding that there is more to determining the status of the patient than the three year rule is critical.

It is true that with all the changes that has been implemented around office and E/M services in the last couple of years, some of the guidelines with 99202-99215 have also remained the same. To focus better on your patients, you need a reliable partner that can manage your overall urgent care billing.

The Sunknowledge Assistance Model

If you are looking for a serious vendor that can extend qualitative support, partner with us. Hire our team and come to know what makes us superior in the world of urgent care billing. Reduce your operational expenses with us assisting you as your ideal RCM guide.

  • Our team has excellent industry references from leading urgent care centers all across the country.
  • We have top class clients who have reduced their surging operational costs with our actionable presence.
  • In fact, we have case studies to prove that we have reduced operational expenses by almost 80% for the biggest vendors of urgent care services.

Hire our team of experts in urgent care billing and coding and give us an opportunity to work with you. We are confident of our industry expertise and promise that you won’t regret our urgent care billing partnership.

Come to know what makes us superior in the world of RCM services. Our team will love to explain how we set the benchmark and eliminate your proven pain points in urgent care billing as your dedicated partner.

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