How To Upgrade Your HME Billing Collections

Nearly all suppliers today are crippled with high costs in everyday operations. As a provider of HME supplies, you must ensure clarity both at the front and the back end. In most cases, we do not find a quality vendor that can assist you in focusing on your core responsibilities. Experience is what matters at the moment.

A consumer driven workforce that can deliver actionable support in inventory management and securing reimbursement is hard to come by. As we find a lot of top HME suppliers looking for viable outsourcing partners, the need of the hour is to cater support with reliability and trust.

Unfortunately, a lot of HME billing services companies at present are also under huge stress. They are also facing a lot of issues in finding a balance between their workforce’s that have virtually become remote. Effective control over their team and servicing their clients like early days isn’t that easy anymore!

What Makes Sunknowledge Different

Over 100 clients all across DME as well as HME, we deliver where most others are failing these days. At present, we have a comprehensive pool of experts that knows what it takes to bring back all your pending payments into realization. We understand how to optimize your ROI as a smooth vendor offering state of the art support at next door rates. At just 2% of all collections including all services, we deliver unmatched support in your HME billing needs.

We also have extensive versatility across multiple practice management systems including the best ones like Brightree and others. Also, our team is equally capable to deliver seamless assistance across any proprietary platforms in use. We have a dynamic process of transition in place to lay down a manual that will have a checklist on how we will be attending your billing needs. It is customized based on your individual requirements.

So what’s holding you back! Schedule a call with one of our experts and come to know how we elevate your practice management efforts as a 100% HIPAA compliant destination. We deliver where others don’t in HME billing.

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